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Mosaic Blends / Mixes

Our favorite mixes. If you want, enriched with white, yellow, or pink gold fused mosaic tiles . Luxury and class. Do you want a different mix? Contact us. The possibilities are limitless. No standard but made bespoke. Just for you.

Mosiac Patterns

Because of the freedom of choice in shape and color, all kinds of mosaic patterns can be made to size and color. Discover some examples of available mosaic patterns. These can be ordered in every conceivable color combination. Give your wall or floor a unique mosaic pattern that gives a Wow effect. A statement in style!

Mosaic Art

Creating something out of nothing with which we can fulfill your special wishes. Custom art for your space. Exclusive design to enrich your life.
We love unique assignments with sufficient creative possibilities. Unique, stylish and exclusive. Together with you and our creative experience, we make your mosaic dreams come true. We can shape dreams, recreate memories in the form of glass mosaic. Art! Enjoy the journey!

Mosaic Themes

Works of art / themes we've done before. Which can serve as inspiration for you. Custom made exclusively for you. To which you can add your own idea through a change in the design. Combinations that allow you to create your own ideal oasis in your bathroom or wellness. Your own oasis where you can relax through the combination of luxury, warmth and design.

Why choose Milovito?

We did not invent the mosaic. We are also not the biggest seller on the planet.

But we have been doing insanely our best for 10 years to give our customers the best possible advice within their budget and to deliver the mosaic of their dreams.


Pool & Wellness

Glass mosaic is the most luxurious finish of a swimming pool.
Let us help you to find the mosaic of your dreams.

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Make your kitchen an inspiring place to cook delicious food or stay cozy

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Get rid of boring toilets. Choose a Milovito toilet.

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Commercial eye catchers in glass mosaic tiles

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Unique mosaic tiles, designs & people!

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