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We take you into a journey to 'Mosaic Land'. No standards, no compromises.
Just you, your dreams, us, and our journey together.

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In 2003 we started the first webshop in the Netherlands and Belgium for online sales of mosaic tiles.

In 2004, a showroom turned out to be necessary to view the online offers offline. The simple showroom turned out to offer the solution to better serve customers. In the years that followed, more and more webshops followed with a comparable product range.

In 2008 the market had changed and the choice was still limited to ready-made products. That is why an innovative concept was sought.



In June 2009 Milovito glass mosaic as Brand was launched at the 100% Design Fair in the former Van Nelle Factory in Rotterdam. The starting point was: Freedom of choice.

Freedom of choice in color, shape, joint. Soon it turned out to be a golden grip. Clients challenged us to make their dreams a reality. And that was exactly what we had in mind. In order to be able to guarantee the quality that we consider to be of paramount importance, in 2012 the step was taken towards our own installation service.

Milovito Projects was born. Clients could now rely on one party with one goal n.l. to realise the most beautiful mosaic projects.


Milovito also obtained its first European tender in that year in the form of two 130-meter-long photo mosaics in a bicycle tunnel in Wassenaar. This bicycle tunnel that runs underneath the busy N44 was awarded the predicate “Most beautiful tunnel in the Netherlands”. A real honor!

In September 2018 a unique collaboration was created under the name Milovito Dream Pools.

7 Entrepreneurs with one common goal: design, realise and maintain the most beautiful swimming pools and wellness in the world. Here you can take a look. https://www.milovitodreampools.com


Commercial eye catchers in glass mosaic tiles

Architects & interior designers: involve us in your work. We love to help you with our presentation

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A blended shower wall for that ecstatic experience

Bekijk project


A simple and fun black/white pattern lightens up this toilet space

Bekijk project


A mix in natural tones to give this bathroom the perfect atmosphere

Bekijk project

Why choose Milovito?

We did not invent the mosaic. We are also not the biggest seller on the planet.

But we have been doing insanely our best for 10 years to give our customers the best possible advice within their budget and to deliver the mosaic of their dreams.