Bathroom renovation in Amsterdam with glass mosaic. How do you handle that?

This bathroom renovation in Amsterdam shows how mosaic became and has now been applied again. The client was tipped Milovito by her father. He is an architect and had done business with us before. During the visit of father and daughter to Milovito, a mosaic with a gradient mix in natural colors was chosen. Then the colors were carefully selected and matched with the floor tiles. With the aim that the Amsterdam bathroom would form one whole after the renovation. A wish that was clearly expressed. In addition, the bathroom clearly had to “feel” differently than before the renovation.

Who does what during a bathroom renovation?

In a major bathroom renovation it is important that all parties involved work well together. Before the installer, plasterer, electrician and mosaic specialist start work in Amsterdam, it is important to agree on exactly when and what to do.

Usually the order is:

– To plan

– Find the right people

– Demolish

– If necessary, move walls

– Route pipes for plumbing and electricity

– Install underfloor heating

– Slant the floor

– Apply a waterproof layer

– Install mosaic

– Install tiles

– Install the ceiling

– Assemble the electricity

– Install sanitary

– Sealing

– Final cleaning

Custom mosaic

Because of the shapes in the bathroom, we were asked to deliver the mosaic to measure. First, not to waste precious mosaic. Secondly, to let the mosaic specialist do his job smoothly.

Draw the mosaic in a 3D design

The architect’s 3D model was the basis for drawing in the gradient mix. The result was a clear picture of what the bathroom would look like after the renovation. After receipt of approval, production could start in Wijchen.

A service that Milovito offers for a fee is drawing designs in 3D. Milovito’s design team knows glass mosaic better than anyone and often exceeds customer expectations.

Bathroom renovation Amsterdam. About the installation of the mosaic.

After the plasterer made the walls nice and flat and “in the lead” Tom could start. Before getting started, he checks all the walls for the correct size, flatness and watertightness. In addition, he looks at how the user will later look at the mosaic. In this case he was unlucky, mosaic all around! That means not making any concessions.

Then all numbered mosaic sheets were placed one by one into one large mosaic in a range of colors.

After grouting with epoxy and the “construction clean” cleaning, the ceiling could be mounted and the floor tiles laid. Finally, the installer and the electrician completed their work.

After the kitten and the cleaning, the bathroom was delivered. As can be seen in the photos, a successful metamorphosis.

badkamer renovatie Amsterdam glas mozaïek tegels verloop

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