Create ambiance with LED lighting in the bathroom

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What to consider when determining the lighting of your bathroom.

Bathrooms are standard delivered with 2 sometimes 3 light points. That is sufficient for good light. If you want to create ambiance in the bathroom, you need at least 6. 4 recessed spots in the ceiling with dimmable LED lighting. 1 to 2 light points on the mirror. Depending on what mirror or mirror cabinet you buy. If you want an LED strip under the bath for indirect lighting, plan a light there.

Halogen, LED, RGB, RGBWW, LED strip, Hue. What should I choose?

Halogen lighting is slowly disappearing from our homes. The warm color is now matched by LED. In addition to low consumption, the economical LED lighting offers the following advantages: LED lighting hardly gets warm. LED lighting has a low

Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio
Tumore prostatico: la prognosi in base a stadio, grado e rischio
height and because LED does not get hot, it can be built into small spaces. LED can be dimmed well. Make sure you use the correct transformer. Many LED lamps have a transformer built in and you do not have to pay attention to that.

RGB, RGBWW lighting

RGB stands for Red Green Blue. These are the colors of the LED diodes. If all three shine equally hard, it gives white light. It is the same technique that is also found in TVs, computer screens and smartphones. You can control RGB lighting via a remote control, an included app or via your smart home system. You can dim lamps individually, change the colors so that the atmosphere changes or let scenes play. Your own color therapy. RGBWW stands for Red Green Blue Warm White and Cold White. These colors can be used individually or mixed.

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Create the right ambiance with the right lighting. Glass mosaic reacts strongly to light. This can come from daylight, but also from light sources. First think carefully about the ambiance you want to achieve and then choose the right lighting in the right place.

Where can I use an LED strip?

Under baths and jacuzzis that have a sunken plinth. An LED strip can be used in a suspended ceiling. Remember that you see a clear light above but this only has some influence if the walls are white or a light color. It is not suitable as main lighting. If you want to illuminate an entire wall with an LED strip, you will be disappointed. You will only see light at the top, but about 30 centimeters lower, there is hardly any effect. LED strips come in different colors white and color.

Phillips Hue

Phillips pioneered RGB lighting.

Today, the HUE brand falls under Signify but has retained the Phillips name.

With HUE you get a solid product. You can order various types of LED lamps and control them via WiFi. HUE recently also has a stylish outside line. You can also link all HUE devices to the smart home systems of Google and Apple. Creating an ambiance with LED lighting in the bathroom is the new trend. Light is a strong energy. On most people, especially the highly sensitive, colored light has a healing effect.

Here you can read more about the influence of colors on our body.

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