How do you determine the color of the joint in mosaic?

The joint color, a determining factor for your mosaic.

The joint color of your glass mosaic largely determines the looks. We recommend using a color that is close to the mosaic color. The photo below shows the effect of the joint color. On the left is jointed with white and on the right as much as possible in the color of the tiles. The left side reminds us of a checkerboard instead of a stylish mosaic.

mozaiek kleur voegen

How do I choose the correct joint color for my mosaic?

If you visit us and compose a mosaic, you already do so with the color of the joint. That makes it a lot easier. If there is no standard color available, we can mix it for you in most cases. We have extensive experience and are happy to help you with your choice.

Does UV light change the joint color?

We work exclusively with epoxy grout material. This best protects the mosaic. Processing is more difficult than with conventional joint materials, but it is very durable. Hardly discolours and adheres the tiles to one strong mosaic. All colors contain synthetic resin. Synthetic resin discolours due to sunlight. These joint colors will become slightly cream over the years. This only happens when there is long and regular bright sunlight. This therefore applies to an outdoor swimming pool. In most bathrooms there is sun protection for the windows and this is less applicable.

As a rule, you can say that white and (semi) transparent are UV sensitive. Medium to dark colors do not.

Use more than 1 joint color

Sometimes it is difficult to use only one joint color. For example with a portrait with a dark background. Then the use of multiple joint colors is a solution. In the photos below you can see how our installation specialists work and what the end result looks like. First, the mosaic is taped. Then the dark joint is applied. The transparent joint can be applied the next day.

Cleaning should take place within 8-24 hours. With this last cleaning you remove the epoxy haze from the mosaic and the mosaic gets its real glass.

voegkleur epoxy mozaïek glasmozaïek
Use of multiple joint colors

mozaiek portret wand

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