Black and gold swimming pool

Glass mosaic transforms dusty notary office in former basement into a private swimming pool in black and gold.

Indoor swimming pool with black and gold glass mosaic

The transformation of a former Notary’s office.

Indoor swimming pool, that was the dream of our client. He could look through it when watched the dusty basement of the former ┬ánotary’s office. Our client could do that!

After he had purchased the property in question, he came to us for the glass mosaic of his swimming pool to be realized. After a long conversation with us in Wijchen, a mix of black and a gradient of golden tiles was chosen. The blind wall behind the bath as well as the shower and steam cabin would also be fitted with mosaic.

Preparations for installing glass mosaic for an indoor swimming pool.

It was agreed that the mosaic specialists of Milovito would take care of the installation. After the blasting and plastering, a waterproof coating was applied to prevent leakage.

In addition, this moisture membrane also blocks unwanted minerals from the concrete that can penetrate through the joints of the mosaic. See picture.

Tiling a staircase with glass mosaic.

During the installation, we also included making the stair steps to tile dimensions. This is to prevent that we had to grind tiles. The trick is to not see any ground tiles. The joints must also extend. Every step ends with a gold marking and a sloping tile for safety.

Glass mosaic in the steam cabin.

The walls and the bench in the steam cabin were also covered with the same glass mosaic. This is easy with the Wedi or Lux Elements benches. If you sit down you don’t have to worry about getting cold buttocks and a cold back because the whole is heated. To ensure that you don’t get cold drops on your head, a ceiling in a steam cabin is always curved. That is also easy to finish with mosaic.

The end result:

Shimmering golden tiles mirror in a magical game with the black background and the water.


glass mosaic swimming pool black gold mosaic

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