Jim Warren - Mother Nature - Kitchen Mosaic Wall

Consisting of 111 different glass mosaic tiles (80.120 in total), this reworked Jim Warren painting is a true eyecatcher.

A painting converted to unique glass mosaic

Jim Warren, official Disney artist

Grammy Award-winning and official Disney fine artist Jim Warren is one of the most successful and renowned artists in the world today.

He also created artwork for Alice Cooper, Prince, Authors Clive Barker, Robin Cook and many others.

For this private project, Jim Warrens famous painting ‘Mother Nature’ was extended and converted to a full glass mosaic kitchen wall.


See this glass mosaic in extreme detail

With the Gigapixel image below

Jewelry or smartphones are known to be almost impossible to photograph. That’s why they often are designed in 3D for marketing purposes.

The same goes for glass mosaic, which always looks more stunning in real life.

However, to illustrate you the uniqueness of glass mosaic and the extraordinary lighting of glass mosaic, we made this extreme hi-resolution gigapixel for you:


> zoom in and out to see the extreme details of all these 111 different glass mosaic tiles (all colours, and even gold, swarovski and energy stones).


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