Beemster Kaas

Milovito has supplied the Beemsterkaas factory in the Netherlands with original mosaic art.

Dutch cows and a modern cheese girl made of glass mosaic.

Recently the new high tech factory of
Beemster cheese, costing 80 million euros,

The new factory will enable Beemster cheese to meet the growing demand for it
products, which mainly come from across the border. The futuristic-looking building has its own Factory Store where the products are tasted and sold.

To emphasize the premium quality of Beemster cheese is by the management
have chosen images on the sales counters made in the enchanting Milovito glass mosaic.

The height of the sales counters measures only 55 cm. Despite this minor
height Milovito has succeeded in creating a detailed typical Dutch landscape
to create.

The process from idea to end result

  • The potential client sends Milovito the desired photo.
  • The photo is assessed by the Milovito design team.
  • The photo is converted into a rough preview by means of specialized software and sent to the potential client.
  • Any corrections are discussed.
  • The assignment is issued.
  • The corrections are made.
  • The client gives approval.
  • The tiles are placed manually by Milovito’s production team.
  • Everything is carefully assessed in the studio and final corrections are made.
  • Mats are made from the tiles and these are carefully packaged.
  • Milovito’s own mosaic specialists deliver the product on location and start installing the glass mosaic.
  • The glass mosaic is grouted with the correct epoxy grout.
  • Within 12 to 24 hours after delivery, the final cleaning is carried out in consultation with the client, after which the rich shine of the glass mosaic becomes visible.

Enthusiasm and satisfaction with the fresh and stylish result of the sales counters also gave the Milovito team the wonderful opportunity to create a portrait of a modern Dutch cheese girl.

The portrait, made from approximately 210,000 tiles, measures 4.5 x 5.5 meters. Like the sales counters, this work by Milovito is made of 10 mm glass mosaic.

The glass mosaic has been inserted with a transparent epoxy joint to make the design stand out. This is a maintenance-free joint that colors with the colors of the glass mosaic. Choosing the right joint is crucial for an optimal end result. In the portrait of the cheese girl, both transparent epoxy grout (cheese girl) and colored epoxy grout (background) were used. This method gives an extra nice end result.

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