Swimming pool tiles black. Who dares?

Swimming pool tiles black tiles transform former notary basement into luxury private pool and wellness.

Our customer typed in “swimming pool tiles black” at Google. You have to look through it when you are in a dusty basement of a former notary’s office. Our client was able to do that! After purchasing the property in question, he came to us for black pool tiles. After a long visit to us in Wijchen, a mix of black and brown glass mosaic with a gradient of golden tiles was chosen. The blank wall behind the bath as well as the shower and steam cabin would also be covered with mosaic. The entire wellness should radiate luxury.

zwembad tegels zwart

Preparations for tiling.

It was agreed that the mosaic specialists from Milovito would take care of the installation. Installation begins with preparations. What needs to be done to prepare a pool for tiling?

First of all, blasting is required. This is to get so-called “gravel nests” from the concrete. These are places where the gravel, cement and sand are not well mixed. They are weak spots in the concrete that can leak later.

Blasting also frees the concrete from formwork oil and other minerals and chemicals.

Glass mosaic is more critical than when pool tiles are chosen.

When the blasting is done, the pool is measured three-dimensionally. This can be used to measure whether the pool is nicely square. Usually this is not the case. Therefore, a stuck layer is applied to correct this. It also removes gravel nests and other imperfections in the concrete.

After blasting and plastering, a waterproof coating was applied to prevent leakage and to seal minerals from the outside. In addition, this moisture membrane also prevents unwanted minerals from the concrete that can later penetrate through the joints of the mosaic. The photo below shows what happens if no moisture membrane is used.

Swimming pool tiles black, with glass mosaic you make the most beautiful stairs for your pool.

During the installation, we also included the tiling of the pool stairs. This is to avoid grinding tiles. The trick is not to see any polished tiles. Except where it cannot be prevented. The joints must also run as far as possible. Each step is finished with a marking of gold mosaic tiles. The last tile of each step is placed at an angle to prevent injuries.

zwembad tegels zwart

Glass mosaic in the steam cabin.

In the steam cabin, the walls and the bench were also covered with the same glass mosaic. It’s easy with the benches from Wedi or Lux Elements. When you sit down, you do not have to worry that you get cold buttocks and a cold back because the whole can be heated. To ensure that you do not get cold drops on your head, a ceiling in a steam cabin is always curved. That is one of the advantages if you search for “swimming pool tiles black” and opt for black glass mosaic.

Swimming pool tiles black, the end result:

The client was very pleased with what his Google result on black pool tiles had delivered. Shimmering gold tiles mirror in a magical game with the black background and the water.

zwembad tegels zwart

Are you also looking for “pool tiles black” and are you convinced that black glass mosaic might be the solution? Please contact us for more information or a visit to us. We will always do our best for every potential customer to make a beautiful proposal within a set budget.

That which makes the difference between Milovito and the many suppliers of mosaic tiles. We do not have a standard collection. We combine tiles that we stock in bulk. This way we can make every swimming pool unique. Hope to see you again!