Installing mosaic tiles is work for a specialist.

Not every tiler is able to place mosaic. You should enjoy working with the small tiles.

There is a big difference in the placement of mosaic and tiles. Tiles are rigid. The Milovito mosaic has paper on the front with 225 (20 mm) or 900 (10 mm) tiles glued to them.

mozaiek plaatsen

These sheets are therefore flexible. The 2 major advantages of this are the maximum adhesion on the back (no mat with glue that weakens the gluing process) and the possibility to “play” with the joints. The latter is important if you do not want to cut tiles on walls that are not in the lead.

mozaiek plaatsen insnijdenYou can easily widen or narrow the joints by cutting the paper. Thus, crooked walls suddenly become “straight” and invisible.

We cannot guarantee that we can always schedule a specialist to place the mosaic that you purchase from us. We work according to the “first come, first served” principle. So don’t wait too long to order your mosaic. We also have a delivery time for production.

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See here the result of love for mosaic.

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